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Rhinoplasty – Know How To Deal With Nasal Tip Swelling

RHINOPLASTY is one of the most notable cosmetic surgery procedures, which is involved with the reshaping of nose. Whether you have an unbalanced nose, or you want to remove those unwanted bumps, RHINOPLASTY offers the best solutions. Again, if you got injured in some accidents which led to airway obstructions in your nose, or if you have some malformed nasal bones, you can also opt for this special mode of treatment.

Depending upon the intensity of the operation and the overall health condition of the patients, the recovery from rhinoplasty might take 10 days to six weeks. Swelling and pain are one of the most natural parts of the entire healing process and you could take certain measures to deal with the same. However, when you implement these tips, what you must remember is that these tips won’t bring about a dramatic reduction in the swelling. Thus, you must be intensely patient.

Take proper medicines:

Medicine bottles and pills close upThere are a number of medicines that have anti-inflammatory properties; hence they prove to be of much help to treat inflammation as well as swelling. But make sure you stop taking these medicines at least one week before the surgery since these types of medicines extend the healing period after surgery.

While there are a number of natural medicines to reduce swelling and pain, Arnica Montana, which is produced from a homeopathic herb, is known to be the most effective. Again, pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain and this too is an anti inflammatory agent which helps treat inflammation. It is advisable to take consultations from a herbalist before taking these Bromelain supplements. Ideally, these supplements should be started a week before the surgery and further continue till about two weeks after the surgery.

Keep your head elevated

This is one of the easiest things to reduce the swelling. Elevating your head improves the blood circulation in the facial area and this helps reduce the swelling in the nose and around the eyes, to a great extent. Consider stacking a number of pillows under your head so that your head is placed at a higher level than that of your heart.

As an alternative you can also try out sleeping on a RECLINERas it will allow you to sleep more comfortably. Make sure your head is kept at an angle of thirty to forty five so that the muscles of your necks are not strained. If you can ensure continuous blood supply to the area, it will reduce the pain and speed up the healing process.

Make changes in your diet

LettuceIt is important to make some little changes in your food habits and diets. Consider avoiding salty beverages and foods as much as possible since those can retain the fluid of your body. Include lots of leafy greens and other foods that are rich of Vitamin K as it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Make sure you drink plenty of water because if your body is well hydrated, it won’t be possible to hang onto fluids.

Avoid hot water showers

shower underUsually hot bath is prescribed after surgeries as it is known to heal wounds faster, but it is not the same with RHINOPLASTY. For inflammation taking a hot water bath can actually aggravate the swelling. In fact, a hot water shower can actually extend the healing period, therefore should be completely avoided unless the doctors suggest the same.

Opt for cold compress

This is one of the simplest things that you can do at home in order to reduce the swelling. Take some ice cubes, wrap them in a soft cotton towel and then apply it around your nose and eyes. Apply it for about 25 times at a stretch and repeat the process twice or thrice a day.

You can also do the cold compress with an ice pack, but don’t apply it while you still have the bandages. Sometimes ice packs can be too cold and in that case it might cause even more discomfort instead of relieving the pain. As an alternative, you can use a pack of frozen vegetables or peas for doing the cold compress. Cover the pack with a wash cloth so that your skin is protected from the cold.

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