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Vanquish Fat Reduction

Vanquish:The Most Effective Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Procedure You Can Have!

Book your consultation today and discover the #1 fat reduction technology, no lines, less time and doctor preferred procedure for non-invasive fat reduction.

What Is Vanqish?

Vanquish Fat Removal is a new state of the art, non-invasive Fat Removal and Fat Reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted “belly” fat using Safe RF Technology to destroy the fat cells.  Vanquish can help you lose 2-4″ in 4-6 treatments.

  • No pain or discomfort, no downtime
  • Treatments can be performed in less than an hour
  • Results visible in the first few visits
  • Treats all skin types
  • Largest spot size covering the entire abdominal area for substantial circumferential reduction

The Real “Skinny” on Coolsculpting vs Vanquish Technology!

With CoolSculpting it is one hour per site per application, so when you’re looking at six areas with one device, it is six hours of work. With the BTL Vanquish ME, you could conceivably do six areas with the abdominal handpiece in four, 45-minute sessions. Yes, patients might have to come back in four times, but not many patients are willing to stay for one six-hour treatment either


Our practice is pleased to offer the non-contact, non-invasive body shaping with BTL VANQUISH ME™. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about the procedure, and the results you can expect to achieve!

Q: What are the side effects of Vanquish?

A: As a result of the Vanquish system, the skin around the treatment area will be slightly red and warm, however it is not painful or long-lasting. Patients are able to return to their normal daily activities following the procedure.

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